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About ChartCart

ChartCart is an online resource that offers free and easy access to Commonwealth Fund charts, or graphs, to save or use in your own presentations. The charts are drawn from Fund publications as well as presentations by Fund staff. You can download PowerPoint charts individually, or create a custom collection by adding charts to your "ChartCart."

The charts in ChartCart can be accessed in different ways. Use the right-hand navigation to browse by by topic, collection, or date and title. You can print or e-mail any chart , and you can create your own custom collection of charts to save or print, or add to your own presentation.

Browse by Topic
Choose "Browse by Topic." Then click on a topic to view a list of all charts (in alphabetical order by title) in that area. There are six main topics, each of which contains several subtopics. For example, Health Insurance contains the following subtopics: Access; Affordability; Medicare; and Medicaid.

Browse by Collection (Sets of Related Charts)
Related charts, such as those that are associated with a single Fund report or with a single Fund presentation, are grouped into predefined collections. You can browse a list of collections and then view individual charts within that collection. For example, charts from the Commission on a High Performance Health System's National Scorecard are part of one collection.

Browse by Title (Alphabetical List)
From the menu bar, choose "Browse by Date/Title" to view a list of all charts in alphabetical order by title. PointPoint versions of all charts are available for downloading.

My ChartCart
Create your own personal collection of charts. At this time, we recommend creating collections of no more than 40 charts. This feature is now available in PowerPoint (PPT) and PDF. On Macs, MyChartCart works best in OpenOffice or Keynote.

Search by Keyword
For simple searches, enter keywords in the search box at the top right corner of the main pages. The results are presented in descending order based on relevancy. Make keywords as specific as possible to ensure the most efficient and accurate searches. When searching for specific phrases, use quotes around the phrase for better results.

Send Us Feedback
We welcome your comments to improve ChartCart. Please e-mail the Web editor at Please note that if the onscreen charts are too small to read when opened, you should lower your screen resolution settings in your control panel.