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Medicare: Starting Now on the Path to Higher Value

February 2008 - Karen Davis outlines long-term strategies for Medicare reform, including addressing payment variability, strengthening primary care, and targeting waste.

A Prescription for Our Nation's Ailing Health Care System

January 2008 - A look at how two Americans might experience a high-performance health system at work.

Top 10 Health Policy Stories of 2007

December 2007 - Health care reform was arguably more important to Americans in 2007 than ever before. In a new column, Karen Davis identifies this year's top health policy stories.

Health Care: Solutions Without Borders

November 2007 - A growing number of health care stakeholders, including policymakers and insurance industry officials, are recommending that we look across the Atlantic to countries that cover all of their citizens.

Making Payment Reform Possible

October 2007 - Any discussion of payment reform in health care raises a fundamental question: What do we want out of our health system? What most of us want is a health system that offers the best possible outcomes at an affordable price.

The Presidential Candidates' Health Care Plans: A First Look

September 2007 - Health care is the top domestic issue in the 2008 presidential campaign, with rising costs and the growing ranks of the uninsured putting pressure on candidates to offer concrete plans for health system reform.

SCHIP--Pairing Coverage Expansions with System Reform

August 2007 - The House and Senate SCHIP bills go a long way to solving the uninsured problem among children. But the bills also make clear that national leadership needs to do far more to address the fundamental problems of health system performance.

Medical Homes Could Improve Care for All

July 2007 - A recent Fund survey found that, when minorities have insurance coverage and a medical home, racial and ethnic differences in terms of access to and quality of care are reduced or even eliminated.

Spreading State Success

June 2007 - Rather than create new policies from scratch, states can learn from other states' policies and programs--many of which improve access and quality without raising health system costs.

How Employers Can Help Create a High Performance Health System

May 2007 - As the largest collective purchasers of health insurance, employers can and should drive the fundamental health system reform our country needs—and that Americans want.

New Proposals Would Share Responsibility for Insurance Coverage

April 2007 - Many of the insurance coverage proposals now under consideration are built upon the same foundation: the concept of "shared responsibility."

Federal Leadership Needed to Support State Coverage Initiatives

March 2007 - As states around the country propose health coverage plans, the Administration and Congress must pursue their pledge to support these programs with meaningful bipartisan action.

The 2007 State of the Union Address: The President's Health Insurance Proposal Is Not a Solution

February 2007 - While it is encouraging that President Bush made health care a theme of this year's State of the Union address, his proposal to offer tax deductions to those who buy insurance would do little to cover the nation's nearly 47 million uninsured.

Models for Achieving the Best Health System in the World

January 2007 - While most evidence indicates that the U.S. health system cannot yet be considered "the best in the world," innovations in the U.S. and abroad offer many useful and inspiring roadmaps for change.

No Place Like Home

December 2006 - While Americans may not be familiar with the term "medical home," they know when they don't have one--that is, a primary care practice that provides them with accessible, continuous, and coordinated care.