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Election 2006 Offers Hope for Health Care Reform

November 2006 - The change in the makeup of U.S. Congress—and in statehouses across the country—signals an opportunity for health care reform.

The Role of States in Achieving a High Performance Health System

October 2006 - The Commission on a High Performance Health System's first national scorecard found wide variation in health care among states. Yet, all Americans deserve the benefits of a high performing health system, no matter what state they call home.

Workers Shouldering the Erosion of Employer Coverage

September 2006 - Working hard is no guarantee of health insurance in this country. Nearly all the recent growth in the uninsured population is due to a decline in employer-based coverage. But there are ways we can expand coverage while containing costs.

Nursing Homes 101

August 2006 - Widespread nursing home reform will occur only when residents and their families demand it. A new Fund-supported nursing home guide in Consumer Reports pinpoints problem homes and offers guidance on selecting a good one.

Saving Lives, Raising Hopes

July 2006 - June was an excellent month for quality improvement in health care, as two national initiatives announced life-saving results. This good news underscores the need for a coordinated national process for stimulating improvement.

Medicare's Drug Benefit: The Long View

June 2006 - The debate over enrollment for the Medicare prescription drug benefit left unanswered critical questions about its long-term value. Now is the time to evaluate whether beneficiaries are better off.

Health Insurance for All: What Massachusetts Can Teach Us

May 2006 - Massachusetts' new law requiring all residents have health insurance, and expanding ways to get it, is good news for all.

Transparency in Health Care: The Time Has Come

April 2006 - More and better information on the costs and quality of health services could improve the system.

Patients' Role in a High-Performing Health System

March 2006 - Patient-doctor partnerships are key to a truly high-performing health system. Insurers and government agencies can promote the patient's role in various ways.

The State of the Health Care System

February 2006 - Health care reform was a theme in President Bush's latest State of the Union Address. Yet his proposals don't go far enough to reverse the alarming trends we have seen recently.

Aiming High: Targets for the U.S. Health System

January 2006 - The Commonwealth Fund's Commission on High Performance Health System has identified 10 priorities for the country to consider as it charts a course for health system reform.

High-Performance Health Care: It Takes a World of Innovations

November 2005 - Our health care system could benefit by studying how other countries address some of medicine's toughest problems—the ills weakening the health care system itself.

Patient-Centered Care: There's Something Splendid in Denmark

October 2005 - We hear a lot about "patient-centered health care." But what does it really mean, and what would it take to achieve it in the U.S.?

Medicaid: The Next 40 Years

September 2005 - The 40th anniversary of the Medicaid program is a time to take stock. While there's much to applaud, Medicaid needs to be redesigned as a health insurance system that provides stable, accessible coverage over the long term.

To Err Is Human; To Fail to Improve Is Unconscionable

August 2005 - Five years ago, the Institute of Medicine released "To Err Is Human," which shattered perceptions about the safety of U.S. health care. Since then, too little has changed.