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Medicare: Time for a New Preamble

July 2005 - When Medicare was enacted 40 years ago, it was not designed to change medical practice. But today, it's clear it can do much to improve how care is delivered.

State Innovations

June 2005 - In coming years, many states will develop major health system improvements that other policymakers can look to as models.

What to Do About Health Care Costs? Views of Health Care Leaders

May 2005 - There is surprising expert consensus on the most promising ways to control health care costs.

Taking a Walk on the Supply Side: 10 Steps to Control Health Care Costs

April 2005 - Why do cost hikes continue to far outpace inflation? Looking at the "supply side" of the market might tell us.

Opinion Leaders Say Uninsured Rate Could Be Halved in a Decade

March 2005 - Sometimes, it seems impossible to address the problem of the growing number of Americans lacking health insurance. But health care opinion leaders are more encouraging.

Ten Points for Transforming the U.S. Health Care System

February 2005 - What Americans want--and what our high spending should buy--is the best health care in the world. This requires that we transform the health system to achieve better care for all.

Taking the Pulse: The Commonwealth Fund Health Care Opinion Leaders Survey

January 2005 - What do top experts see as the key issues facing health care and how to best address then? A new Fund survey will try to find out.

Top 10 Health Policy Stories of 2004

December 2004 - What were the major health policy stories or issues of 2004? In her year-end President's Column, Karen Davis offers her take with the Fund's Top 10 list.

The Post-Election Health Policy Picture: Health Care at the Crossroads

November 2004 - It's natural to ask where we stand as we wait for the administration to set its course for health care policy reform. The path we take will have major implications for our nation and our economy.

Health Reform: Can a "High-Performance" Focus Make a Difference?

October 2004 - Today, we are discussing the case for health reform more intently than any time in the past decade, and with good reason.

Our New Web Site—And Some New Directions

August 2004 - Welcome to our new Web site, which is easier to use and loaded with new features.

National Leadership to Achieve a Performance-Driven Health System

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