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Using the Title V Maternal and Child Health Services Block Grant to Support Child Development Services

January 1, 2002 - This report argues that states can potentially increase reimbursements to CHCs under a change enacted in the Benefits Improvement and Protection Act (BIPA) of 2000. CHCs served 4.5 million low-income children in 1998, including 1.3 million under age 6.

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Health Policy and Early Child Development: An Overview

June 3, 2001 - This report is the first in a series of analyses exploring federal and state health policy in the area of early childhood development. It provides an overview of the evolution of federal health policy related to the financing and provision of preventive health services for young children.

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Room to Grow: Promoting Child Development Through Medicaid and CHIP

June 1, 2001 - This report, the second in a series of analyses exploring federal and state health policy in the area of early childhood development, examines how public insurance programs covering low-income children—namely, Medicaid and the State Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP)—can be used to support and foster optimal child development interventions.

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No Place Like Home: State Home Visiting Policies and Programs

May 1, 2001 - This report finds that many states have made a substantial commitment to home visiting programs, identifies key challenges shared by many state programs, and makes recommendations for policy and program changes.

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Child Development and Medicaid: Attitudes of Mothers with Young Children Enrolled in Medicaid

March 1, 2001 - This report on mothers with young children enrolled in Medicaid finds that while generally pleased with the overall care their sons and daughters receive, many mothers feel that the program—as well as pediatricians—could do a better job of providing guidance on early development.

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Appraisals of Parenting, Parent-Child Interactions, Parenting Styles, and Children: An Annotated Bibliography

September 1, 2000 - Few measures of parenting skills offer an appraisal that is brief, comprehensive, parent-sensitive, psychometrically sound, nonintrusive, and appropriate to child development. This annotated bibliography provides clinicians, clinical researchers, and researchers interested in applied issues with information about those parenting skills measures that are available.

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State Experiences with Access Issues Under Children's Health Insurance Expansions

May 5, 2000 - This paper explores how the design and administration of state incremental insurance expansions affect access to health insurance coverage and, ultimately, access to all health care services.

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Assuring the Healthy Development of Young Children: Opportunities for States

February 1, 2000 - This issue brief examines opportunities for states to enhance the provision of health-related developmental services to children in low-income families.

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Improving the Delivery and Financing of Developmental Services for Low-Income Young Children

November 1, 1998 - One-quarter of children with family incomes less than $20,000 per year are uninsured, compared with 14 percent of all children.

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Mentoring Makes a Difference: Findings from The Commonwealth Fund 1998 Survey of Adults Mentoring Young People

July 1, 1998 - To enhance the nation's understanding of the effects of mentoring youth and to learn from a broad array of mentoring relationships, conducted a survey of 1,504 adults who have been mentors to youths ages 10 to 18. Mentors report that they believe mentoring works, and that they have helped with or prevented problems for a young person.

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The First Three Years: A Guide to Selected Videos for Parents and Professionals

May 1, 1998 - Published collaboratively by three national organizations—Families and Work Institute, KIDSNET, and The Commonwealth Fund—this guide offers reviews of more than 50 parenting videos chosen by child development experts.


The Health of Adolescent Boys: Commonwealth Fund Survey Findings

April 4, 1998 - One of five adolescent boys encounters obstacles in getting needed health care or finds talking about his health concerns difficult. Based on the boys' own reports, by high school years many suffer from abuse and associated mental health problems, risky behaviors, and eating disorders.

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The Commonwealth Fund Survey of the Health of Adolescent Girls

November 1, 1997 - This report contains survey highlights, charts, and fact sheets and presents major findings on abuse and violence; mental health; health and risky behaviors; access to health care; and communication with physicians.

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Facts on Risky Behaviors from The Commonwealth Fund Survey of the Health of Adolescent Girls

September 20, 1997 - A Fund survey found that a significant minority of girls engages in risky behaviors, and that many of the girls at greatest risk are likely to have poor mental health or to be victims of abuse.

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Facts on Eating Disorders and Exercise from The Commonwealth Fund Survey of the Health of Adolescent Girls

September 20, 1997 - This Fund survey discovered that many adolescent girls neglect to exercise and a surprising number appear to have eating disorders.

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