Health Care in France

The French Health Care System

Who is covered?

Coverage is universal. All residents are entitled to coverage from noncompeting statutory health insurance (SHI) funds, which are statutory occupation-based entities. Entitlement comes through employment (for salaried or self-employed persons and their families), as a benefit (for people and their families who have become unemployed), and through being a student or retired person. Since the introduction of universal medical coverage in 2000, the state has covered the health care costs of residents not eligible for SHI (0.4% of the population). The state covers illegal residents who have applied for residency. Visitors from within the EU are covered, but non-EU visitors are covered for emergency care only. Complementary private health insurance, covering user charges and/or excluded services (e.g., psychologists, dieticians), covers 95 percent of the population, and is obtained through employers or means-tested vouchers.

For more information, read a profile of the French health care system.

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