• Competition Among Medicare’s Private Health Plans: Does It Really Exist?

    Heightened competition among private insurance companies offering Medicare plans is seen by some as the key to controlling Medicare spending and providing beneficiaries with coverage that better suits their needs. But a Commonwealth Fund issue brief examining Medicare Advantage markets finds that 97 percent of U.S. counties are marked by...

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  • The Affordable Care Act and Medicare

    This second report in the series Medicare at 50 Years describes how the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is strengthening the program for current and future beneficiaries and outlines the major challenges that policymakers have yet to confront. Certain ACA reforms have the potential to reshape not just the Medicare program...

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  • Medicare: 50 Years of Ensuring Coverage and Care

    As Medicare prepares to mark its 50th anniversary in July 2015, there is a lot to celebrate. For 50 years, Medicare has accomplished its two key goals: ensure access to health care for its elderly and disabled beneficiaries, and protect them against the financial hardship of health care costs.

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