Webinar: Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plans Created by the Affordable Care Act


What: 'Realizing Health Reform's Potential' Webinar: Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plans Created by the Affordable Care Act

The Commonwealth Fund hosted a webinar on Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plans, part of a series of webinars on realizing health reform's potential cosponored by Women in Government. The webinar addressed the Affordable Care Act provision on establishing temporary high-risk pools, also called Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plans (PCIPs). PCIPS are designed to quickly make health insurance available to uninsured individuals with pre-existing conditions, many of whom previously had been denied coverage. Speakers examined eligibility, benefits, premiums and cost-sharing, enrollment and outreach, and oversight of the PCIP programs, as well as plan variability.

When: Oct. 7, 2010

Event Recording: An audio recording is also available as an mp3. View the archived webinar.


  • Richard Popper, deputy director for insurance programs, Office of Consumer Information and Insurance Oversight, U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services;
  • Jean P. Hall, Ph.D., associate research professor, University of Kansas and the author of a new Commonwealth Fund report on PCIPs;
  • Amie Goldman, CEO, Health Insurance Risk-Sharing Plan Authority in Wisconsin and chair of the National Association of State Comprehensive Health Insurance Plans; and,
  • Deborah Armstrong, executive director, New Mexico Medical Insurance Pool
  • Moderator: Sara R. Collins. Ph.D., vice president, Affordable Health Insurance, The Commonwealth Fund


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