Selected Fellowship Highlights

Greene“The Australian–American Fellowship was a fabulous experience for me both professionally and personally. Conducting research in Australian enabled me to get a much clearer picture of the Australian health care system, as well as important insights into their pay-for-performance program for general practitioners that are relevant to US health reform. On a personal level, Sydney is an incredibly beautiful city, and my family and I felt very lucky to be able to live there, walk the city’s coastal paths, and make wonderful friends.”  

Jessica Greene, Ph.D., 2010-11 Policy Fellow, Professor & Director of Research, The George Washington University School of Nursing

Michael Pignone“The Australian–American Health Policy Fellowship was an outstanding opportunity to learn about a different health care system and culture, as well as a wonderful family experience. I received excellent support from colleagues at the University of Sydney and the Australian Department of Health. Upon my return, the CDC commissioned me to perform a cost analysis of colon cancer screening in the US based on the work I did during my Fellowship in Australia.”

— Michael Pignone, M.D., M.P.H., 2009-10 Policy Fellow, Division Chief, Division of General Medicine Associate Professor of Medicine, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Moira Inkelas“The biggest highlight was watching policymakers respond to new policy directions with innovative transformative ideas. It’s given me greater confidence that good internal as well as imported ideas can take hold in Australia and that we can translate successes into the U.S. context. I expect to watch this process unfold through ongoing collaboration with researchers and individuals that I worked with, over the long term.”

Moira Inkelas, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Health Services, UCLA School of Public Health, and Assistant Director, Center for Healthier Children, Families, and Communities

Tom Buchmueller“Studying another system—even one that has its own institutional idiosyncrasies—can be a useful way to get at the important broader issues. The work I started in Australia has been useful for my understanding of the basic economics of insurance. Being at CHERE was a wonderful opportunity professionally. I am currently collaborating with colleagues there on projects related to our shared interests. On a personal level, the year in Australia was a terrific experience for me and my family. We fell in love with Sydney and made lifelong friends.”

Thomas C. Buchmueller, Ph.D., Waldo O. Hildebrand Professor of Risk Management and Insurance, University of Michigan, Ross School of Business 

Valerie Hepburn“The Packer Fellowship was an incredible experience and life-changing in terms of perspective and exposure. I learned a great deal from my research and have established strong ties that will continue well into the future.  I continue to be active in the International Medical Workforce Collaborative and have the opportunity to meet with colleagues from Australia and other countries on regular basis.”

—Valerie A. Hepburn, Interim President, College of Coastal Georgia, and Professor, University of Georgia College of Public Health, Medical College of Georgia, and Georgia State University

Freed"My mentor was the Director of the Australian Health Workforce Institute at the University of Melbourne. He helped to open many doors for me and assisted me in meeting many people on campus and around the country that were instrumental to the success of my experience. I gave many presentations while in Australia and will be invited to return to the country in October to give a series of presentations on my findings. We simply loved Australia! I believe I have made professional colleagues with whom I will keep in close contact and continue to conduct research."

Gary Freed, M.D., M.P.H., Percy and Mary Murphy Professor of Pediatrics, School of Medicine, Professor of Health Management and Policy, School of Public Health, Director, Children's Health Evaluation and Research Unit, University of Michigan

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