Public Education Campaign to Preserve Medicaid Enrollment in New York City


Hundreds of thousands of New York City residents have lost Medicaid coverage as an unintended consequence of welfare reform. Because many residents do not realize they are still eligible for Medicaid, further decline in coverage is likely as more and more residents make the transition from welfare to work. To raise awareness among current beneficiaries at risk for losing their coverage and former enrollees who may still be eligible, this project will create a public education and outreach campaign using subway and radio advertisements. Project staff will work in partnership with the mayor's office, which will operate a telephone helpline to assist families with the Medicaid application process. If successful, the campaign could help many low-income New Yorkers at risk for losing their health coverage.

Grant Details

Grantee Organization:
Robbett, Rosenthal & Jennings
Principal Investigator:
Robert Rosenthal
Award Amount:
Approval Date:
November 14, 2000

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