Exploring How Quality Enters into Health Insurance Purchasing Decisions, Phase One


Increasingly, employers and business coalitions are promoting the concept of value-based purchasing (VBP) in health care-the use of economic incentives to encourage insurers and, less directly, providers to achieve improvements in health care quality and patient safety. This project will explore the degree to which VBP principles are influencing the health care sector and contributing to the promotion of quality in health care. Through in-depth interviews with employers, insurers, and health care providers, it will assess current activities in this area, including employers' use of special contracting provisions, as well as barriers businesses have encountered in implementing VBP. Project staff will gather evidence of VBP's actual impact on quality and identify promising programs. Together, these findings will inform policy debate over how employer-based coverage policies might be designed to promote quality in health care. Project staff will assess the feasibility of conducting a formal evaluation of VBP efforts in a second phase.

Grant Details

Grantee Organization:
Thomas Jefferson University
Principal Investigator:
David Nash, M.D., and Neil Goldfarb
Award Amount:
Approval Date:
November 13, 2001

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