Developing New Options for Financing Cancer Care


Cancer can be a devastating disease in more ways than one. Treatment can wipe out an individual's assets and, in some instances, result in loss of health insurance coverage. For this project, researchers will calculate how much money is spent in the United States on cancer care for privately insured patients. Their goals will be to find ways to help cancer patients gain access to affordable coverage; lower the risk that these patients would lose insurance if they could not continue to work; cover uninsured cancer patients; and reduce the private costs of insurance through public pooling of the costs for this high-risk population. The project team will model four alternative cancer financing schemes: 1) coverage of cancer patients under Medicare; 2) joint funding of care by states and employers; 3) public reinsurance of private insurance costs; and 4) coverage through Medicaid. This project, may prove to be a prototype for reducing patient cost burdens for other major medical conditions.

Grant Details

Grantee Organization:
Emory University
Principal Investigator:
Kenneth E. Thorpe, Ph.D
Award Amount:
Approval Date:
April 9, 2002

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