Mobilizing Hispanic Community Leaders for a Hispanic Health Insurance Agenda


Debate over national health reform rarely includes discussion of how any of the major coverage strategies would help uninsured Hispanics, despite the fact that they constitute 28 percent of America's uninsured population. Uninsured Hispanics tend to have low incomes, and they tend to be in families headed by a worker employed in a small firm. These facts suggest that a successful coverage strategy for Hispanics should differ from one that would be used to help other uninsured populations. For this project, The National Alliance for Hispanic Health will help mobilize Hispanic community leaders in support of insurance coverage for Hispanics. The Alliance will conduct a workshop aimed at generating agreement on specific ways to tailor any major insurance coverage initiative to the needs of this population. Following the working meeting, project staff will prepare a paper reflecting participants' consensus on an agenda. They will then help leaders take action in at least eight states to publicize the Hispanic health coverage agenda. Project staff will also seek opportunities to present it to national policymakers. Examining the Health Insurance Coverage of Temporary and Contract Workers

Grant Details

Grantee Organization:
The National Alliance for Hispanic Health
Principal Investigator:
Adolph P. Falcon, M.P.P.
Award Amount:
Approval Date:
April 8, 2003

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