Mobilizing Consumer Organizations to Promote Resident-Centered Care in Nursing Homes


The Pioneer Network's movement to promote resident-centered nursing home care is making life better for many frail elders. Still, only a small fraction of nursing homes nationally has embraced this approach, which focuses on the needs and preferences of residents and their families. For this Picker Program Grant, the National Citizens' Coalition for Nursing Home Reform-the only national consumer group of its kind-will help lay the foundation for a consumer-led campaign to raise public expectations for nursing home care in their communities. As a first step, project staff will survey all nursing home consumer groups to discover what they know about resident-centered care and what their strengths are as consumer organizations. Where necessary, project staff will provide education in resident-centered care and training to promote such care. The project team will then produce a toolkit for consumer groups, providers, and others to educate them about resident-centered care and enlist them in an effort to encourage the nursing home industry to adopt this approach as the new standard of care.

Grant Details

Grantee Organization:
National Citizens' Coalition for Nursing Home Reform
Principal Investigator:
Janet Wells
Award Amount:
Approval Date:
July 13, 2004

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