Affordable Care Act Tracking Survey, 2017


The Affordable Care Act Tracking Survey, launched in 2013, has helped The Commonwealth Fund become a leading source of information on the law’s effects on health care coverage, access, and affordability. In the latest edition of the survey, fielded at the end of the third open enrollment period, the majority of enrollees in Medicaid and marketplace plans who had used their insurance to get care reported that they would not have been able to afford or access it prior to enrolling. Most said they are satisfied with their insurance as well. However, after dropping considerably in 2014, uninsured rates have leveled off for young and lower-income adults. This fifth wave of the ACA Tracking Survey will interview a nationally representative sample of U.S. adults, including individuals who either have marketplace or Medicaid coverage or are eligible for such coverage. The survey will be fielded between February and April 2017. Survey topics are to include: trends in uninsured rates, use of and satisfaction with health care plans, and people’s perceptions of the affordability of their plans. The survey will also explore the reasons why millions of adults remain uninsured. The ACA Tracking Survey plays a critical role in keeping policymakers and the media informed of the law’s impact on coverage and access to care. Findings are regularly cited in major media outlets and by the Obama administration and other lawmakers. In particular, the administration has highlighted the survey’s uninsured estimate as a gauge of the law’s performance. This year’s results will help to shape federal and state policies aimed at increasing enrollment, improving premium affordability, reducing out-of-pocket cost exposure, and stabilizing the marketplaces.

Grant Details

Grantee Organization:
Principal Investigator:
Robyn Rapoport, M.A.
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Approval Date:
July 13, 2016

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