Monitoring and Analyzing Implementation of the Affordable Care Acts Insurance Market Reforms, Year 6


Since 2011, Kevin Lucia and his research team at Georgetown University have developed a unique regulatory monitoring system and extensive network of contacts to track states’ implementation of and compliance with the Affordable Care Act’s insurance market reforms. Their research has yielded more than 50 Commonwealth Fund publications and interactive exhibits, informing the media, Obama administration officials, members of Congress, and state policymakers and regulators about states’ progress. The research team will continue to report on the status of health reform implementation in all 50 states and the District of Columbia, as well as on insurer and state efforts to improve the reforms. Activities will include: tracking and analyzing state implementation of insurance marketplaces and private market reforms; identifying marketplace insurers engaged in innovative efforts to improve the quality and value of coverage options for consumers; identifying and describing successful state actions to improve market conditions, enrollment, affordability, and adequacy of coverage; and exploring the factors that are likely contributing to these states’ success, such as policy decisions and market dynamics. This comprehensive body of research and analysis will inform federal and state policymakers, the media, and other stakeholders about the ongoing implementation of the health reform law. It will provide valuable insights from states that have achieved successful outcomes.

Grant Details

Grantee Organization:
Georgetown University
Principal Investigator:
Kevin Lucia, J.D., M.H.P.
Award Amount:
Approval Date:
July 13, 2016

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