Convenings, Briefings, and Retreats for Members of Congress and Congressional Staff


To inform health care policy making, The Commonwealth Fund has collaborated with the Alliance for Health Reform for the past 20 years to hold on and off-the-record meetings for members of Congress, congressional staff, and other stakeholders. In prior years, the Fund has given the Alliance two separate grants, both aimed at informing and educating federal policymakers. To improve coordination and reduce review burden, the Fund has this year combined all activities under one grant. The Alliance will continue to conduct on-the-record briefings, a bipartisan retreat for congressional staff, and a retreat and breakfasts for members of Congress. This year, the Alliance proposes adding an additional meeting for senior congressional staff and a third breakfast with members of Congress, given the success of these breakfasts in the past. The Alliance will also continue to help the Fund schedule individual meetings with members of Congress throughout the year. These activities connect members of Congress and their staff with leading health policy experts, including Fund staff. The scheduled events serve as educational opportunities but also function as points of contact between the Alliance, the Fund, and congressional offices, helping to foster relationships. Feedback indicates that the member retreat continues to serve as a unique forum for fostering bipartisan discussion.

Grant Details

Grantee Organization:
Alliance for Health Reform
Principal Investigator:
Sarah Dash
Award Amount:
Approval Date:
July 11, 2017

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