Tracking and Targeted Analysis of Medicare and Health Care Cost Policy Development, Phase 2


Medicare is a complex, ever-evolving program that is challenging to track. Each year, federal officials implement major new policies through new rules and regulations. Congress and its supporting agencies, from MedPAC to the Government Accountability Office, conduct extensive oversight of the program and its impact on beneficiaries, while multiple actors seek to influence Medicare policy. The debate over health spending growth-in particular, prescription drug spending-can be similarly challenging to track, given the complexity of options for addressing the problem and the often opposing interests of key stakeholders. With major uncertainty surrounding the future of U.S. health care policy, timely information and analysis on unfolding events is as important as ever. Since April 2016, The Commonwealth Fund has contracted with Thorn Run Partners to provide expert monitoring and analysis of the policy and political environments for our Advancing Medicare and Health Care Cost Control programs. This proposal would continue the relationship for 12 months. The Thorn Run team will provide the following services to support the ongoing development of Fund research projects in the areas of Medicare and cost control: 1) daily tracking of policy, oversight, and regulatory activities and developments; 2) strategic analysis of health policy developments and counsel to ensure Fund program staff have a complete understanding of their implications; and 3) policy memoranda produced in response to Fund requests related to Medicare and health care cost issues. The tracking reports and analyses this project generates will aid the Advancing Medicare and Health Care Cost Control programs' development of relevant and timely grantmaking that is responsive to both the short- and long-term priorities of policymakers.

Grant Details

Grantee Organization:
Thorn Run Partners LLC
Principal Investigator:
William Wynne, J.D.
Award Amount:
Approval Date:
July 11, 2017

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