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The Commonwealth Fund Connection is a roundup of recent Fund publications, charts, multimedia, and other timely content. 

  • January 22, 2010 Issue
Coming Out of Crisis: Patient Experiences in Primary Care in New Orleans, Four Years Post-Katrina
A new Commonwealth Fund survey of safety-net clinic patients in New Orleans finds that, despite being disproportionately low-income and uninsured, these patients had fewer problems affording care and fewer instances of medical debt and inefficient care than most U.S. adults. The findings suggest that the locally based clinics could serve as a model for delivering primary care to vulnerable populations elsewhere.
The Top 10 Commonwealth Fund Publications of 2009
Many of 2009's Top 10 publications touched on subjects connected to the health reform debate in Washington, such as the impact of rising health premiums on the middle class and comparisons of provisions in the congressional bills.
Does the Congressional Budget Office Underestimate Savings from Reform? A Review of the Historical Record
When faced with the challenge of projecting the economic impact of health reform measures, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) has historically underestimated savings and overestimated costs, this new Commonwealth Fund–supported study finds. The problem, according to the study, lies with the agency's "cautious methods."
States in Action: January/February 2010
The latest issue of this newsletter looks at state patient safety initiatives and nonpayment policies for preventable adverse events. Plus, an interview with safety expert Lucian Leape.
Rhode Island's Pediatric Practice Enhancement Project: Parents Helping Parents and Practitioners
Rhode Island's Pediatric Practice Enhancement Project trains and places parent consultants into pediatric primary and specialty care practices to help families of children with special health care needs access the health system, as well as social services, education, housing.
The Commonwealth Fund Multimedia Center
Visit the newly redesigned Multimedia Center at to browse Commonwealth Fund videos, e-Forum Slide Shows with audio and slides from Fund events, our "New Directions in Health Care" podcast, and the "Quality Matters" podcast, which features Q&As with health care quality experts.
New Performance Data and Case Studies
We have updated with the most recently available performance data for the following: process-of-care "core" measures; hospital patient experience measures; hospital readmission rates; 30-day mortality rates; and Medicare average reimbursement rates. You also can learn lessons from top-performing hospitals featured in two recent case study series on improving pneumonia care and improving surgical care.

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