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Washington Health Policy Week in Review is a weekly newsletter that offers selected stories from the daily newsletter CQ HealthBeat.

  • January 7, 2008 Issue
CMS Confirms Plan to Restrict Medicaid Expansions

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services has quietly begun applying a controversial directive limiting expansion of the State Children's Health Insurance Program to state proposals to expand Medicaid coverage to children.

Community Health Centers Feeling Pinch of Serving a Growing Uninsured Population

Despite record-setting federal funding for community health centers--which provide care largely for underserved people--the nation's 1,100 centers are feeling the strain of providing quality care for the growing uninsured patient population.

'Comparative Effectiveness:' Can It Really Cut Health Care Costs?

While many health care analysts believe that comparing medical treatments in terms of how much they cost and how well they work will reduce health care costs, the precise impact of "comparative effectiveness" research is difficult to predict, with any potential for substantial cost savings taking a decade or more to materialize, a Congressional Budget Office analysis concludes.

Report: Health System Overhaul Could Save $1.5 Trillion over the Next Decade

Major health care system changes, combined with universal health insurance, could save $1.5 trillion compared to projected spending growth over the next 10 years, according a report released by the Commonwealth Fund.

Satcher: Cuts Show Lack of Seriousness About Ending Racial Disparities

Despite progress at the federal level toward ending racial and ethnic disparities in health care, federal efforts are underfunded and show a lack of seriousness about getting the job done, former U.S. Surgeon General David Satcher said during a recent panel on minority health issues.

Weems Urges Congress Down 'Hard' Path to P4P

Despite all the talk in Washington backing "pay for performance" in Medicare, there's no consensus yet on the details of such a system and much discussion and analysis are needed to finish the job of implementing it, acting Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Administrator Kerry Weems said.

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