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  • September 15, 2008 Issue
Another Vote on Children's Health Insurance Expansion Unlikely this Year

House Democratic leaders likely will not hold another vote on an expansion of children's health insurance, figuring that they still cannot overcome President Bush's veto of the bill and that they do not want to give vulnerable Republicans an opportunity to change their positions on the issue.

Bigger Rewards--and Stronger Penalties--May Help Improve Health Care Quality, Experts Say

Paying health care providers more to do quality work and insisting they abide by a set of minimum quality standards would go a long way toward improving the quality of medical care that patients receive, witnesses told the Senate Finance Committee.

Health Plans May Be 'Universal', But They're Not Global

The United States would be better off designing its own health care plan from the ground up rather than emulating the health systems of its neighbors, panelists at a forum hosted by U.S. Chamber of Commerce said.

Lawmakers Begin Heavy Lifting to Overhaul Doctor Payment

A House Ways and Means Health Subcommittee hearing suggested that after years of short-term patches to head off payment cuts, lawmakers at last may be taking on the heavy burden of trying to fundamentally overhaul Medicare's troubled physician payment system. Ironically, what may be driving them to finally confront the problem is the quiet recognition that they are going have to abandon the fiscal discipline involved in the system now in order to complete the overhaul of a payment formula widely viewed as no longer tenable.

Rhode Island Medicaid Plan Arouses Liberal Ire

Congressional Democrats and liberal analysts are taking aim at a proposed transformation of the Rhode Island Medicaid program, saying it would set a dangerous precedent that would end Medicaid as an entitlement if widely followed by other states.

Wonks' Medical Dream Home: Easy to Design, Tough to Build

Panelists at a Washington, D.C., forum offered a sober assessment of the prospects for redesigning the health care system around the concept of a "medical home," but at the same time offered some evidence of its tantalizing potential.

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