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  • January 19, 2010 Issue
Compromise on Excise Tax Moves Democrats Toward Health Care Deal

A compromise version of an excise tax on high-cost health insurance plans has won support from organized labor, pushing Democrats a giant step closer to a final deal on a health care overhaul.

Congressional Leaders Continue Health Care Talks

House Democratic leaders resumed talks on a health care overhaul after a late night negotiating session at the White House involving President Obama and a bicameral group of top Democrats.

Drug Industry May Concede to Close the Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit's 'Doughnut Hole'

The drug industry is prepared to make billions of dollars in additional concessions as part of a deal to help congressional Democrats and the Obama administration pass their health care overhaul, according to industry and Hill sources.

Mind the Details, or Medicaid Coverage Expansion Will Falter, Say Bingaman, Dorn
The mind-numbing details of Medicaid enrollment procedures aren't sexy stuff—but handled poorly they will cause many vulnerable Americans who are now without health care coverage to continue to go without, overhaul legislation or no overhaul legislation.
New CBO Estimate Projects Cost of Complying with Individual Coverage Mandate

Every lawmaker on Capitol Hill knows that pending health care overhaul legislation would require individuals to buy health insurance—but what they haven't known throughout the debate is how much people would actually have to pay in premiums to comply with the mandate.

Tax Would Let Big For-Profit Plans Take Over the Insurance Market, Nonprofits Say

Fees on insurers in Senate health care overhaul legislation totaling $70 billion over 10 years could allow big for-profit health plans to control the health insurance market in several years, executives with nonprofit health plans say.

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