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  • September 13, 2010 Issue
CMS Report Finds Health Spending Will Grow Slightly Faster Under New Law

A new paper by independent government economists and actuaries projects that the new health care law will push the growth of national health spending slightly higher during the next decade rather than curbing it.

Obama: Slowing Health Care Costs Is 'Hard to Do'

President Obama on Friday said that "bending the cost curve on health care is hard to do," and the administration's goal in the health care law is to "slowly bring down those costs."

Health Care Battle Framed as a Jobs Issue on the Campaign Trail

With voters identifying the economy and jobs as their top concerns this election cycle, opponents of the new health care law are attempting to link the two by reprising their argument that the overhaul will be a "jobs killer."

Sebelius Calls on Health Insurers to Halt 'Scare Tactics' on Premium Hikes

Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius fired off a letter to the nation's health insurance trade association warning that there will be "zero tolerance" for "unjustified rate increases" and "misinformation" about the health care law.

Medical Liability Costs Estimated at $55.6 Billion Annually

A new study on medical liability pegs its total cost to the health care system at $55.6 billion annually, or about 2.4 percent of total health care spending, an estimate much lower than those used by Republicans to argue in favor of tort reform.

Primary Care Access Doesn't by Itself Equal Better Treatment, Dartmouth Study Says

Despite strong evidence that primary care doctors can play a key role in providing high-quality care, access to primary care doesn't by itself assure better treatment outcomes, says a study released by Dartmouth College researchers.

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