The Promoting Healthy Development Survey: Implementation Guidelines


Appendix 1: Call to Action: Why Health System Should Use the PHDS

Appendix 2: Listing of Additional PHDS Resources and Toolkits

Appendix 3: Promoting Healthy Development Survey (PHDS) (Full Length)

Appendix 4: Reduced-Item PHDS (ProPHDS): Version for Children 3–9.99 Months Old

Appendix 5: Reduced-Item PHDS (ProPHDS): Version for Children 10–18.99 Months Old

Appendix 6: Reduced-Item PHDS (ProPHDS): Version for Children 19–47.99 Months Old

Appendix 7: Example Data Dictionary of Supplemental Variables Collected for the Starting Sample

Appendix 8: Example Survey Administration Materials (cover letter, follow-up post card, reminder phone call)

Appendix 9: Example Data Dictionary of ProPHDS Survey Data Set (Survey for Children 3–9 months old)

Appendix 10: Office Systems Inventory (Derived from A Practical Guide for Improving Child Developmental Services)

Appendix 11: Office Poster, Handout, and Medical Chart Extraction Tool Guide

Appendix 12: Example Executive Summary of the PHDS findings

Appendix 13: Sample Communication Template for Frontline Health Providers

Appendix 14: Example Topic-Specific Issue Brief on the PHDS Findings on Parental Depression

Appendix 15: Sample Communication Template for Parents of Young Children

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