Step 1. Learn About the PHDS


PHDS logo imageStep 1 contains an overview of the PHDS: what it measures, how it was developed, and how it has been used, as well as a list of PHDS resources. This section of the manual is useful for people who want a high-level overview of the PHDS and a sense of what implementation involves.

Step 1 answers eight common questions about the PHDS:

1.1: What is the PHDS?

1.2: How does the PHDS compare with currently used quality measures?

1.3: How has the PHDS been used by health systems?

1.4: How has the PHDS been used for practice-level assessment?

1.5: How does the PHDS complement and enhance improvement and measurement activities?

1.6: How was the PHDS developed?

1.7: What is required to implement the PHDS?

1.8: What PHDS tools and resources are available?

Useful tables/figures that pertain to this section include:

Call to Action: Why Health Systems Should Use the PHDS

Promoting Healthy Development Survey (PHDS) (Full-Length Version)

Reduced-Item PHDS (ProPHDS): Version for Children 3–9.99 Months Old

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