The Top 10 Most-Popular Commonwealth Fund Publications of 2009

  1. Aiming Higher: Results from a State Scorecard on Health System Performance, 2009 

  2. The Path to a High Performance U.S. Health System: A 2020 Vision and the Policies to Pave the Way

  3. Paying the Price: How Health Insurance Premiums Are Eating Up Middle-Class Incomes—State Health Insurance Premium Trends and the Potential of National Reform 

  4. An Analysis of Leading Congressional Health Care Bills, 2007–2008: Part I, Insurance Coverage

  5. A Survey of Primary Care Physicians in 11 Countries, 2009: Perspectives on Care, Costs, and Experiences

  6. The Comprehensive Congressional Health Reform Bills of 2009: A Look at Health Insurance, Delivery System, and Financing Provisions

  7. The Swiss and Dutch Health Insurance Systems: Universal Coverage and Regulated Competitive Insurance Markets 

  8. Fork in the Road: Alternative Paths to a High Performance U.S. Health System

  9. Rehospitalizations Among Patients in the Medicare Fee-for-Service Program

  10. The Federal Role in Promoting Health Information Technology


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Publication Date: January 22, 2010

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