Consumer-Enabled Health IT

The Commonwealth Fund's IT-enabled consumer initiative focuses on the promise of giving digital tools and services to patients and caregivers to improve their health and obtain health care services in new and less costly ways. The focus is on how to leverage information technologies to empower people, enhance knowledge, support decisions, and transform how patients and their caregivers manage their health and health care and how they engage with the health care system. The Fund’s research and grant making is focused on breaking down the policy and regulatory, business model, and cultural barriers to realizing an IT-enabled consumer.

  • How a Digital Health Advisor Could Help High-Need, High-Cost Patients and Their Caregivers

    Last May, The Commonwealth Fund outlined a vision for a digital health advisor (DHA) — an integrated suite of digital services designed to help consumers deal with a broad range of health-related questions, decisions, or tasks. Such a tool would provide answers, connect with care providers, and empower people to...

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  • Envisioning a Digital Health Advisor

    Even as the digital revolution sweeps through our daily lives, our interactions with the U.S. health care industry have changed very little. Increasingly, people are asking why the smartphones and computers that enable us to get directions, transfer money, or book a vacation are unable to also help us answer...

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Lovisa G
Lovisa Gustafsson
Program Officer, Breakthrough Health Care Opportunities, The Commonwealth Fund

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