President's Message
The Best Health System
in the World

1. What's Wrong: A Snapshot
2. Lessons from the Scorecard
3. What's Right: A Blueprint for Change

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Everyone has a stake and a role to play in transforming the health care system to achieve superior performance.
Armed with the right information and support, patients can take greater responsibility for their health. Physicians, hospitals, and other health care providers can work collaboratively to ensure that patients receive safe, effective, and coordinated care reliably. Insurers and employers can offer coverage that ensures access to essential services and enhances the health and productivity of the workforce, and mobilize their administrative records to provide information useful to patients and providers.
State governments can assess how well the health system performs within their own borders, and pursue the policies of best-performing states that are generating superior results. And the federal government can play a leadership role, ensuring that transparency and accountability in health care become commonplace, that coverage is affordable to all, and that care meets rigorous, evidence-based standards.
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