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1. What's Wrong: A Snapshot
2. Lessons from the Scorecard
3. What's Right: A Blueprint for Change

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7. Encourage Public-Private Collaboration
Case in Point: Puget Sound Health Alliance
Creating a "culture of high performance" requires a shared vision among all stakeholders. Public and private sectors must work together to achieve this vision. Good collaborative models for improvement can be found where each sector has taken the lead, and more such efforts should be encouraged. A Fund project is studying collaborations among state or local government, providers, and insurers to improve both quality and efficiency in Minnesota, Washington, and Wisconsin.
In Washington, the Puget Sound Health Alliance is an independent, nonprofit organization composed of employers, physicians, hospitals, consumers, health plans, and other interested parties. The group's aim is to improve care and continuity by developing guidelines for providers, self-management and decision-making tools for patients and consumers, evaluations and reports on quality, and a collaborative approach to quality improvement.
The group seeks to build strong alliances among patients, doctors, hospitals, employers, and health plans to promote health and improve quality and affordability by reducing overuse, underuse, and misuse of health services. In line with this mission, the Alliance has outlined several initiatives:
Develop evidence-based clinical guidelines for diabetes, heart disease, back pain, depression, and pharmaceutical prescribing;
Produce publicly available reports measuring quality performance of providers in the Puget Sound area, and potentially across the state;
Encourage greater adoption of health information technology and electronic health records and prescriptions;
Recommend incentives to encourage improved health and treatment outcomes while simultaneously rewarding quality, affordability, and patient satisfaction; and
Provide tools for employees on how to manage their health and health care and for employers and unions to support better health.(15)
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