Reminder to Participate in P4P Survey by April 1

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<p>The Commonwealth Fund invites payers and purchasers to participate in a survey on pay-for-performance (P4P) programs fielded by the health informatics company Med-Vantage and The Leapfrog Group. We also ask that you pass the survey along to others involved in P4P programs.<br><br>You can access the survey, which The Commonwealth Fund cosponsored, and view a list of endorsing organizations by clicking on the following link: <a href="">http://survey.medvantagein… participation in the survey by April 1 will provide information about trends and directions in incentives and P4P programs. Working with you, Leapfrog and Med-Vantage hope to increase public awareness of the new value-based purchasing and P4P models that are emerging and stimulating further improvement in health care. <br><br>Some of this year's survey data will also be used to update a database for Leapfrog's new and improved Incentives and Rewards Compendium, which will be unveiled this spring. The current Compendium is freely available at <a href=""&gt;</a>.</p&gt;