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Jeanne Erdmann

Independent Journalist

Jeanne Erdmann is a former bone researcher turned freelance science writer. Her work has appeared in Nature, Nature Medicine, Cure, Arthritis Today, Science News, Health,, and other publications. Jeanne and a colleague coproduce The Open Notebook (, a craft-focused site for science journalists. Erdmann lives with her husband in Wentzville, Mo. and is also a caregiver to her 97-year-old mother who has dementia. She loves reading and is an accomplished, competitive figure skater.

As part of her fellowship, Erdmann published Is Your State Legislature Waiting for You to Get Cancer? A genetic predisposition can be either a death sentence or a guide to preventive care in Slate and Telltale Hearts, about molecular autopsies that uncover inherited heart disorders, in the journal Nature Medicine.

Latest Publications by Jeanne Erdmann

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