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State Strategies to Expand Health Insurance Coverage

Presentation, The Twelfth Princeton Conference

In this presentation, Fund president Karen Davis discusses state strategies to expand health coverage, including:

  • retaining and expanding employer participation;
  • leveraging federal matching funds;
  • redesigning programs;
  • simplifying and streamlining program eligibility and redetermination;
  • targeting special populations; and
  • generating new revenue.

States With Less Than 12% Uninsured,

Percent Uninsured (ages 0–64)Percent Employer (ages 0–64)CHIP/ Medicaid Kids Eligibility Level* (%FPL)Working Parents Eligibility for Public Insurance (%FPL)
New Hampshire11.476.6300/ 18561
Rhode Island11.566.6250192
Vermont11.561.9300/ 300192
Massachusetts11.869.8200/ 150133
Delaware11.969.7200/ 133/ 100120
U.S. Average17.562.6Median= 200%Most don't cover
Sources: KCMU/URBAN Institute Analysis of 2002 and 2003 CP, September 27, 2004;
      *Children's eligibility levels vary by age.

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