Your Idea Could be the Next Breakthrough Opportunity in Health IT


Join us for a unique online event to find the next Breakthrough Opportunities in health IT. The Commonwealth Fund is working with the Global Health Delivery Project (GHDonline) at Harvard University to answer an important question: How can we radically leverage technology to increase patient engagement in care?

We know that technology has yet to fully realize its potential to dramatically improve health care.

Today, we ask for your solutions: whether it’s in the daydream or development phase, we encourage you to submit your idea.

Selected ideas will be featured for discussion with leading experts and your 13,500 colleagues on GHDonline.

Not sure where to start? Share a challenge and tell us where you see potential in the health delivery system to engage patients through technology and our advisors and community members will provide feedback.

Join us next week, December 8-12, for a unique video series, featuring expert perspectives from our Keynote speakers, including: 

  • Julia Adler-Milstein
  • John Halamka, M.D.
  • Ashish Jha, M.D.
  • Nina Kjellson
  • Lygeia Ricciardi
  • Bob Kocher, M.D.
  • David Rose
  • Naomi Fried

 Breakthrough Opp speakers


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