• Setting Targets for State Improvement: The Updated State-by-State Interactive Tool

    Every state has opportunities to improve health care for its residents, according to The Commonwealth Fund’s latest Scorecard on State Health System Performance, 2017 Edition. We’ve updated our interactive tool that illustrates the gains states could make by performing at the level of leading states on 14 measures of health...

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  • Essential Facts About Health Reform Alternatives: Continuous Coverage Requirement

    Proposed alternatives to the Affordable Care Act would require Americans to continuously carry health insurance coverage or be penalized with higher premiums. Under the American Health Care Act, people whose insurance coverage lapsed for more than 63 days would be charged a 30 percent premium surcharge every month for 12...

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  • What’s Next for the ACA and the People It Covers?

    If Republicans are unable to revive last week's failed effort to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act (ACA), the nation will need to turn back to ensuring the long-term success of the law. Decisions made by the Trump administration and Congress as well as state policymakers over the next...

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Uninsured Rates in the Nation's Four Largest States Vary
After the Affordable Care Act's coverage expansions, people in California and New York—states that expanded Medicaid and created their own health insurance marketplaces—were less likely to than people in Florida...

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