Breakthrough Health Care Opportunities

Spending on health care in the United States surpasses spending in other countries by a wide margin, yet by many measures the quality of U.S. health care comes up short. Simply put, we're not getting what we pay for.

To date, efforts to bring our unsustainable spending under control have had limited impact. To truly change course, we will need breakthroughs in the way we deliver care.

The Commonwealth Fund’s new Breakthrough Health Care Opportunities program aims to discover, develop, and test transformative ideas, strategies, and tools that can potentially lead to dramatically better health care access and quality, lower costs, and improved health outcomes.

We’re seeking alternatives to current approaches—whether emerging technologies, innovative care processes, or new incentive programs—that are capable of positively and profoundly disrupting the status quo. Our task is to identify those that have this potential and support the research, prototypes, investment models, and policy changes necessary to move rapidly from concept to reality.

Currently, the program focuses on three areas:

  • Engaging consumers in their health care through information technology 
  • Testing the next generation of provider incentives grounded in behavioral economic theories
  • Exploring how bundled innovations can produce transformative change on a large scale.

Program contact: Lovisa Gustafsson, Program Officer, Breakthrough Health Care Opportunities

Lovisa G
Lovisa Gustafsson
Program Officer, Breakthrough Health Care Opportunities, The Commonwealth Fund