The Commonwealth Fund Survey of Public Views of the U.S. Health Care System


Country: United States

Survey Organization: Harris Interactive, Inc.

Field Dates: June 1, 2006–June 5, 2006

Sample: Adults ages 18 and older, living in households with telephones in the continental United States

Sample Size: 1,023

Interview Method: Random-digit dialing

Three-quarters of survey participants think that the U.S. health care system needs fundamental change or complete rebuilding. There is strong support for efforts to improve care coordination and access to information, and respondents said that expanded use of information technology, care teams, and improved delivery of preventive services could improve the quality of care. Patients reported receiving wasteful, inefficient, or unsafe care. In addition, half of middle-income and lower-income families reported serious problems paying for care and insurance coverage. Expanding insurance and controlling costs, they said, should be top priorities for federal action.

See a PDF of the survey questionnaire and a link to the report at right.

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