Oklahoma Heart Hospital: Clinician Leaders Establish Culture of Quality


Since its inception in 2002, Oklahoma Heart Hospital, a for-profit hospital in Oklahoma City, Okla., has consistently demonstrated high adherence to process-of-care or "core" measures and high patient satisfaction. Reinforced by positive financial performance, hospital leaders are dedicated to pursuing and maintaining optimal quality and patient service. Key strategies behind their excellent scores in core measure standards include: physician leaders' commitment to quality; physician offices housed within the hospital, providing greater access to nurses and patients; flat organizational structure that allows quick implementation of operational changes; highly experienced nurses and high nurse-to-patient ratios; standardization of care processes through computerized "care sets"; electronic tools (e.g., electronic medical records, computerized physician order entry) that provide immediate access to patients' medical information and feedback about appropriate orders, thereby reducing errors; continuous examination of existing practices and introduction of new practices; and an "e-Bucket" tool for communicating staff concerns and addressing them quickly.


Publication Details

Publication Date:
April 13, 2009
Sharon Silow-Carroll

S. Silow-Carroll, Oklahoma Heart Hospital: Clinician Leaders Establish Culture of Quality, The Commonwealth Fund, April 2009.

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