Findings from a Survey of Health Care Delivery Innovation Centers



    Health care innovation centers are developing and testing new models of health care delivery
    Health care innovation centers need sustainable funding and a better way to spread their work

Health care innovation centers around the country are working to discover, develop, test, and spread new models of care delivery—in hospitals, clinics, and patients’ homes.  Between November 2014 and January 2015, The Commonwealth Fund conducted an online survey of innovation centers affiliated with health care organizations to learn about their potential role in promoting health system transformation.

Survey findings presented in this chartpack reveal how innovation centers define innovation, what factors into investment decisions, which technologies are most commonly used, and much more. While innovation centers have the potential to contribute to health system transformation, it appears that to succeed they will need sustainable funding and greater integration with clinical enterprises. The survey also reveals that innovation centers may benefit from collaboration to identify solutions to common problems and develop a mechanism for spreading their work.

Read the chartpack and use our interactive slideshow on the role of innovation centers in advancing health system transformation. Materials from an April 28 webinar, How Innovation Centers Create Value, are also available.

Publication Details

Publication Date: April 28, 2015
Authors: Martha Hostetter, Sarah Klein, Douglas McCarthy, Susan L. Hayes
Contact: Martha Hostetter, Consulting Writer and Editor, Pear Tree Communications
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