Purchasing High Performance Archive

Purchasing High Performance is a bulletin for employers and others interested in promoting value in health care. It is produced in partnership with the National Business Coalition on Health.

  • June 6, 2013 Issue
A Contrarian’s View on Private Exchanges: A Conversation with Robert Galvin, M.D.

Is there a growing trend among large employers to drop traditional health insurance plans and push employees into private exchanges? Robert Galvin, M.D., CEO of Equity Healthcare, doesn't think so.

Kraft Makes Customer Service the Centerpiece of Benefit Design Overhaul

Kraft’s medical spending trend dropped from an annual 8 percent increase in 2009 to a 1.2 percent increase in 2012, compared with a 3.9 percent increase nationwide. Kraft's success in encouraging beneficiaries to get involved in their care is the result of several factors, including smart benefit design and appropriate use of incentives and penalties. But one factor has played a particularly important role: the company's decision to emphasize customer service in its choice of health plans.

Payment Reform Update—Are We on the Path to 20 Percent by 2020?

Three years ago, approximately 20 large, self-insured employers performed a crude financial assessment to see whether their contracted health plans were paying doctors and hospitals the way they all knew they ought to be paying them—with payments tied to value. Their diagnosis: not really.

What's on Tap for the Affordable Care Act This Year?

A look at the employer-related provisions of the health reform law that have already gone into effect, or will do so this year.

Where Are They Now? Ochnser's Pay-for-Prevention Program

Can employers effectively encourage employees to become or remain healthy?

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