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States in Action: Innovations in State Health Policy, is a former publication of the State Health Policy and Practices program. This bimonthly newsletter tracked innovative strategies certain states used to stretch health care dollars and improve the quality of care.

  • February 26, 2008 Issue
E-Health Activities Across the Nation

According to a new survey, most states are actively promoting the use of information technology as a way to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of health care. States are encouraging e-health activities in the private sector and in a wide variety of public programs, from public health agencies, Medicaid, and state employee health benefits plans to state-run mental health hospitals and prison systems.

States Moving Ahead on Coverage Expansion

Despite the threat of an economic downturn, some states are moving forward with coverage expansions. We highlight three states that have taken different approaches to reduce the number of uninsured using limited public funds.

New Jersey: Low-Cost "Buy-in" for Uninsured Children

Under a public-private collaboration, families with incomes that exceed State Children's Health Insurance Program eligibility limits may enroll their uninsured children in NJ FamilyCare Advantage, a private health plan with premiums negotiated by the state.

Indiana First to Expand Medicaid Coverage via Health Accounts

Indiana is the first state to implement a major Medicaid coverage expansion using a health savings account model.

Oregon Lottery Opens Enrollment After 3-Year Freeze

For the first time since freezing enrollment in 2004, Oregon's Department of Human Services has begun enrolling new members--through a lottery among applicants--into its Oregon Health Plan Standard program.

Governors Voice Common Health Care Themes

Health care issues were central in the governors' "state of the state" addresses this year, as states continue to grapple with increasing numbers of uninsured residents, rising health costs, and an economy facing recession.


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