Is It Time to Bring Consumer Data into Health Care?


Amazon and other vendors deliver just about everything but health care — yet probably know more about your habits and behaviors than your doctor does. That may be changing as health care providers begin using the consumer profiling tools that shape advertisements to get to know their patients beyond the examining room.

Determining how two patients with the same disease will respond to treatment can be hard, but predicting how they will make decisions about where and when to get care may be easier. That’s because there are just five or six types of patients in the United States, experts in consumer profiling say. Among them are the ones who follow their doctors’ advice without question, those who give more credence to information they find on their own, and a striking number who want little if anything to do with the health care system.

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Publication Details

Publication Date: September 10, 2015
Authors: Martha Hostetter, Sarah Klein

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