Child Development: The Science and Practice of Catching Problems Early


This archived Web conference was first published by Medscape in October 2004 as a CME activity for child care providers. To watch the presentations, click on the links below. For other webcasts in this series on screening, "Screening for Maternal Depression: An Opportunity for Providers of Pediatric Healthcare" and "Child Behavior Screening in Primary Care," visit Medscape.


Ed SchorChild Development: The Science and Practice of Catching Problems Early
Edward L. Schor, M.D.
The American Academy of Pediatrics Committee on Children with Disabilities has recommended that all infants and young children be screened for developmental delays as part of ongoing healthcare. In this presentation Dr. Schor discusses barriers to such screening such as the lack of time and difficulty obtaining reimbursement and introducing Drs. Dworkin and Earls, who will provide information and inspiration to help viewers adopt and enhance developmental screening of young children in their practice.

Paul DworkinEarly Detection of Developmental Problems: How Do You "Measure Up"?
Paul H. Dworkin, M.D.
In this presentation, Dr. Dworkin reviews the role of the child health provider in the early detection of children at risk for poor developmental and behavioral outcomes. He also defines the concept of developmental surveillance and identify its key components and aims to "increase your sensitivity and awareness of the importance of linking children and their families, once detected, to critically important programs and services."

Marian EarlsDevelopmental & Behavioral Screening: A Quality Improvement Initiative in Primary Care Practice
Marian F. Earls, M.D., F.A.A.P.
In this presentation, Dr. Earls distinguishes between screening and assessment and surveillance. She also reviews the challenges of implementing screening and tools that providers can use to turn parents into "reporters" on their child's development.

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