• How the Affordable Care Act Has Helped Women Gain Insurance and Improved Their Ability to Get Health Care

    This analysis of the 2016 Commonwealth Fund Biennial Health Insurance Survey compares women's health insurance and health care experiences in the years before and after the ACA's major coverage expansions in 2014. Women ages 19 to 64 who shopped for new coverage on their own found it significantly easier...

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  • In the Aftermath

    The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has always needed fixing. Now that the Congress has tried and failed to repeal and replace it, the time for repair seems at hand. Long term, a fair and sustainable approach to covering the uninsured and constraining our extraordinary health care costs will require bipartisan...

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  • Health Care Improvement in Akron, Ohio: Moving from Collaboration to Coordination

    The Northeast Ohio region centered on the city of Akron and Summit County has made notable progress expanding access to care. Health systems also have strengthened primary care and improved care transitions, which may explain reductions in potentially avoidable hospitalizations and unplanned readmissions. Collaboration across health and social service...

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How the Repeal and Replacement of the Affordable Care Act Would Affect Your State
Visit our map for state fact sheets on the impact the Senate and House repeal-and-replace bills may have on people’s health care and on state economies.

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