Special Initiative: Engaging Federal and State Health Policymakers

If we as a nation are to achieve fundamental improvements in our health care system, federal and state policymakers will need to take action in a coordinated fashion. As implementation of the Affordable Care Act proceeds, both the federal government and the states have roles in expanding access to affordable insurance coverage, in designing, testing, and refining new ways to deliver and pay for health care, and in ensuring that health services are delivered efficiently and equitably. Continuing budgetary pressures, moreover, have forced federal and state officials alike to prioritize the search for ways to produce better health outcomes at lower cost.

The Commonwealth Fund’s Engaging Federal and State Health Policymakers initiative provides independent analysis of health care issues tailored for those serving in state and federal government. The Fund’s team helps to inform and educate congressional members and staff, officials in the executive branch, state policymakers, and the broader policy community—across the political spectrum—on issues central to achieving a high-performance health system.

Through the briefings, conferences, and retreats it sponsors, the Fund’s team also serves as a neutral convener, facilitating both state-to-state learning and communications between federal and state policymakers to inform policy deliberations and generate new solutions. Finally, the team also supports The Commonwealth Fund’s programmatic efforts to provide policymakers with timely, balanced, evidenced-based policy research and analysis.