State Strategies to Avoid Antitrust Concerns in Multipayer Medical Home Initiatives



Currently, 20 states have had one or more active multipayer medical home initiatives. As more states convene multiple payers and work to align payment policies, concerns regarding antitrust liability will need to be addressed. This issue brief provides a summary of state strategies to navigate antitrust concerns in multipayer medical home initiatives. Information for this brief was obtained from a survey sent to 14 states combined with a scan of state websites. Nine states have policies in place either through legislation or executive order to provide some legal protection for their efforts to displace competition among payers. Out of concern that legislation was not sufficient, policymakers in one state also conducted oversight activities to reduce the risk of antitrust liability. Six of the 14 states surveyed have engaged in multipayer initiatives without formal antitrust protection.


Publication Details

Publication Date: July 16, 2013
Authors: Barbara Wirth, Mary Takach
Summary Writer: Martha Hostetter

B. Wirth and M. Takach, State Strategies to Avoid Antitrust Concerns in Multipayer Medical Home Initiatives, The Commonwealth Fund, July 2013.

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