The Promoting Healthy Development Survey Implementation Guidelines


PHDS logo imageThe Promoting Healthy Development Survey (PHDS) is a survey for parents of young children (3 years old and younger) that assesses whether recommended preventive and developmental services are provided, and the degree to which parents' informational needs are met.

This manual, developed by the Child Health and Adolescent Health Measurement Initiative (CAHMI), offers detailed guidelines for health systems implementing the PHDS via mail. In it, the authors provide the "nuts and bolts" of the PHDS, from information about the development of the survey to detailed instructions for scoring and reporting.

This Web-enabled document includes an introduction and is divided into the six steps for successful implementation of the PHDS:

Step 1: Learn About the PHDS

Step 2: Planning for the PHDS Implementation

Step 3: Prepare for and Conduct Survey Administration

Step 4: Monitor Survey Administration and Prepare for Data Analysis

Step 5: Construct Quality Measures and Analytic Variables

Step 6: Report Your PHDS Findings to Stimulate and Inform Improvement



Throughout this manual, CAHMI offers real-world examples and recommendations that are based on the organization's 10 years of experience with the PDHS. You can download the complete manual and appendices at right.

PHDS logo image Contact Information for PHDS Tools and Resources


Christina Bethell, Ph.D., M.P.H., M.B.A.,

Colleen Reuland, M.S.,

The Child and Adolescent Health Measurement Initiative
Oregon Health & Science University, Department of Pediatrics
707 SW Gaines Street Milstop CDRC-P
Portland, OR 97239

This manual, and the development of other PHDS tools and resources, have been supported by The Commonwealth Fund, specifically Melinda Abrams, M.S., Senior Program Officer, Child Development and Preventive Care and Patient-Centered Care, and Ed Schor, M.D., Vice President, Child Development and Preventive Care.

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