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AHCJ International Health Study Fellowship

international news fellowship

The Association of Health Care Journalists International Health Study Fellowships is a Commonwealth Fund-supported six-month program allowing veteran U.S.-based health care journalists to pursue a story or project comparing a facet of the U.S. health care system to that of another country. For the program’s pilot year, candidates are asked to select a comparably developed European country.

Fellows pursue the projects with the support of their newsrooms or freelance outlets, which commit to publish or air the work. The project could evaluate a key component of the health care system, a health outcome, access, performance, providers, efficiency or other focal point.

Guidance is provided by AHCJ fellowship leaders through customized seminars, conference calls, and email consultations. The fellowship covers the cost of traveling to the seminars and the international reporting sites, as well as lodging and meal and incidental expense stipends.

Visit the AHCJ website to apply.

Fellowship Details

Publication Date: November 7, 2018