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Claus Wendt

2008-09 Harkness Fellow Harkness/Bosch Foundation Fellow Research fellow Project Director Mannheimer Zentrum für Eruopäische Sozialforschung (Center for European Social Research) University of Mannheim

Project Title: Confidence in Receiving Medical Care in Seven Countries

Mentor: Robert Blendon, Sc.D.

Placement: Harvard School of Public Health

Harkness Fellowship Biography: Claus Wendt, M.A., Ph.D., a 2008–09 Commonwealth Fund Harkness/Bosch Foundation Fellow in Health Care Policy and Practice, is research fellow and project director at the Mannheimer Zentrum für Eruopäische Sozialforschung (Center for European Social Research) at the University of Mannheim. Previous positions include senior research fellow at the Collaborative Research Center 597, University of Bremen, and lecturer and research fellow at the Institute of Sociology, University of Heidelberg. Wendt's research interests include institutional theory, political sociology, international comparisons of welfare states and health care systems, and the sociology of health. He has written 18 journal articles, with publications in Das Gesundheitswesen, European Review, Social Policy & Administration, International Journal of Health Services, Health, Economics, Policy & Law, and Journal of Comparative Policy Analysis. Wendt holds a Ph.D. summa cum laude in sociology and a master's degree in political science, sociology, and economics from Heidelberg University, where his Ph.D. thesis won the Ruprecht-Karls Prize.

Project: Wendt’s project investigated the correspondence between particular institutional arrangements of health care and citizens’ trust in the performance of these institutions. Using data from the Commonwealth Fund International Health Policy Survey, he explored public attitudes towards the health system, how these correlate with institutional arrangements, and how they vary based on socioeconomic differences.

Career Activity Since Fellowship

  • Chair of Sociology, Sociology of Health and Health Systems, Siegen University (2013-present)
  • External Fellow and Project director, Mannheim Center for European Social Research (MZES), University of Mannheim,  2013-present
  • Professor of Sociology of Health and Health Systems, University of Siegen, 2009-present

Current Positions: (updated 10/2017)

  • Chair in Sociology, Professor of Sociology of Health and Health Systems, University of Siegen
  • Senior Research Fellow and Project Director, Mannheim Center for European Social Research (MZES), University of Mannheim

E-mail: [email protected]

Selected Publications

Walter S, Wendt C, Böhnke J, Crawcour S, Tan JW, Chan A, Limbrecht K, Gruss S, Traue HC. Similarities and differences of emotions in human-machine and human-human interactions: what kind of emotions are relevant for future companion systems? Ergonomics. 2013 Aug 7.

Wendt C, Agartan TI, Kaminska ME. Social health insurance without corporate actors: changes in self-regulation in Germany, Poland and Turkey. Soc Sci Med. 2013 Jun;86:88-95.

Gauld R, Burgers J, Dobrow M, Luxford K, Minhas R, Wendt C, Cohen AB. “Quality improvement, information technology and primary care can improve healthcare system performance. But are policy makers promoting them?” Int J Clin Pract. 2012 Sep;66(9):827-33.

Marmor T, Wendt C. “Conceptual frameworks for comparing healthcare politics and policy.” Health Policy. 2012 June.

Gauld R, Blank R, Burgers J, Cohen AB, Dobrow M, Ikegami N, Kwon S, Luxford K, Millett C, Wendt C., “The World Health Report 2008: Primary Healthcare: How wide is the gap between its agenda and implementation in 12 High-Income Health Systems?” Healthcare Policy. 7(3). 2012. Wendt C, Mischke M, Pfeifer M, Reibling N. “Confidence in receiving medical care when seriously ill: a seven-country comparison of the impact of cost barriers.” Health Expect. 2012 Jun;15(2):212-24.

Dent M, Fallon C, Wendt C, Vuori J, Pahor M, de Pietro C, Silva S. “Medicine and user involvement within European healthcare: a typology for European comparative research.” Int J Clin Pract. 2011 Dec;65(12):1218-20.

Wendt C, Mischke M, Pfeifer M, Reibling N. Cost barriers reduce confidence in receiving medical care when seriously ill. Int J Clin Pract. 2011 Nov;65(11):1115-7.

Wendt C, Minhas R. “The power of ideas – can Obama’s healthcare reforms change the U.S. health system?” Int. J Clin Prac March 2010; 64(4): 423-425.

Wendt C, Kohl J, Mischke M, Pfeifer M. “How Do Europeans Perceive Their Healthcare System? Patterns of Satisfaction and Preference for State Involvement in the Field of Healthcare.” European Sociological Review. Advance Access published on March 13, 2009.

Minhas, R.; Wendt, C.; and Wierzibicki, A. (2008): Is healthcare in the United States too big to fail? International Journal of Clinical Practice, 62, 12, 1827-1830Minhas, R. and Wendt, C. (2009): Letter from America: The Political Economics of US Healthcare Reform. Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine, 102(4): 129—133.