This project will support the recruitment, selection, and U.S. tenure of up to 12 Harkness Fellows in Health Care Policy and Practice from up to nine countries. Targeting promising midcareer professionals — policymakers, researchers, clinical leaders, health care and insurance administrators, and journalists — the fellowship provides a unique opportunity to spend 12 months working with U.S. experts to conduct policy-relevant research on health care payment and delivery system issues. Throughout the year, Fund staff bring the fellows together for briefings and site visits. The 2022–23 class will include up to 12 fellows: one each from Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Norway, either the Netherlands or Germany, and possibly Singapore, as well as up to three each from France and the United Kingdom. Based on the recent assessment of the fellowship program and on development of the strategic plan for International Health Policy and Practice Innovations, we have identified five priorities for 2022–23: 1) increase the racial and ethnic diversity of the fellows; 2) enhance the policy relevance of their research projects; 3) expand the fellowship to Singapore; 4) create a leadership development curriculum; and 5) develop the Harkness Senior Fellows Program.