As countries around the world are beginning to implement accountable care payment reforms to promote changes in care delivery, there are increasing opportunities and benefits to foster cross-country learning for more effective implementation. To accelerate that learning, this project would expand the Commonwealth Fund’s reach and engage leaders of U.S. Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) in a roundtable that featured international models of accountable care for chronically illness populations. Leveraging the opportunity of the 6th Annual Accountable Care Organization Summit, to be held in Washington DC in June 2015, the roundtable would build on our prior work and reach U.S. provider audiences, who are critical to gaining traction for learning from global examples of accountable care. The focus of the roundtable would be to identify the most promising insights from abroad for U.S. ACOs and the most effective models and mechanisms for providing that evidence. Project deliverables – the roundtable lunch, a policy briefing paper, and blog post – will identify success factors from case studies of accountable care reform efforts underway in a variety of countries and analyze how these innovative care reforms can inform U.S. policy.